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We will no longer wait for others to fund our collective future. In deep partnership with allies in Sierra Leone and around the world, we are scaling up our collective efforts to end rape and all forms of sexual violence in our life-time.


SLL 1,046,592,200

USD 109,020.02

The Survivors Solidarity Fund is a mobilisation platform by and for Sierra Leoneans committed to tackling rape culture at its root. Together, we imagine a world of safety, dignity and bodily autonomy for girls and women everywhere. But we cannot dream this world into existence. We must also fight, plan, strategise and finance our vision for a new world. 


The Survivors Solidarity fund is housed at and facilitated by Purposeful. At a critical moment for our movement, we are mobilising with, for and as survivor leaders. We are covering the cost of running the fund from our own resources as an act of institutional solidarity. All funds donated go directly to critical life-saving and life-sustaining services for girls and women in Sierra Leone.


Together we go overcome.

Administered by Purposeful


Tax deductable donations can be made within the USA here:



Vibrant, healthy and well-resourced grassroots and national organisations that provide essential lifesaving and life-sustaining services to survivors of sexual violence are an essential first step in a world where all of us can live in safety and dignity. That these services continue to be underfunded is an outrage - an act of political, economic, cultural and physical vandalism on the lives and bodies of women and girls. The Survivor Solidarity Fund is committed to resourcing such organisations now and in the future, beginning with:


Rainbo Initiative: provides free medical and psychosocial services and age appropriate treatments for survivors of Sexual Gender Based-Violence (SGBV) in Sierra Leone. Since its founding in 2003, the organisation has provided critical support to over 30,000 girls and women around the country. Rainbo is the only survivor centred service outside of the capital Freetown.


Aberdeen Women’s Center: provides free services to women and children including the only comprehensive fistula repair service in Sierra Leone and free medical, counselling, social work, police and legal liaison services to severely injured adolescent and child survivors of sexual and gender based violence, including surgical intervention. The Centre takes a holistic approach to the care of women and children and in 2010 opened its own maternity unit, with wraparound educational support for vulnerable teenagers before, during and after birth, as well as family planning and an outpatient children’s clinic. 


Legal Access through Women Yearning for Equality Rights and Social Justice (L.A.W.Y.E.R.S): provides free legal advice and court representation to survivors of sexual and domestic violence. L.A.W.Y.E.R.S is a leading campaigning voice and advocate for legal reform in Sierra Leone. 


SMART Women’s Initiative: was founded and is led by Amira Catherine Koroma who survived routine sexual child abuse at aged 8, attempted rape at 18 and also grew in an environment where domestic violence was accepted as a way of life. This young women led organisation supports access to justice and counseling services, and campaigns across community spaces for a safe & secure society free from violence.




The Fund is driven by survivor leaders and their allies in Sierra Leone and across the world. Our Fund Champions amplify the work of the fund, support fundraising and guide strategic decision making. They are:


Isha Sesay

(Media personality -Co-chair)


Idris Elba (Actor/Musician -



Asmaa James

(Black Tuesday/

Girls+ Co-Chair)


Fatmata Sorie (LAWYERS); Josephine Kamara (Purposeful); Martin Michael (MERCURY); Haja Alima Abdallah (50/50 Group); Dr. Aisha Fofana Ibrahim (Academic/FBC Gender Department); Dr Bintu Mansaray (Consultant, Rainbo) 

The Fund is fuelled by and is collectively accountable to partners working across spaces in Sierra Leone, including:




The Survivors Solidarity Fund grew out of a moment of collective grief and outrage in Sierra Leone, after the rape and subsequent death of 5 year old Kadija. The fund is dedicated to her and to all those girls and women whose names are known and unknown; to all those who have spoken out and those who are yet to speak. This fund is by and for all of us.


But the Survivors Solidarity Fund is more than a simple response to a singular moment. What happened to Kadija was not an act of random violence or exceptional evil, but rather part of a continuum of violence that is the reality of life for all girls and all women in Sierra Leone and around the world.


The Fund grows out of many years of organising work in community and nationally, including through the BlackTuesday movement, a feminist space for dialogue, healing, and direct and collective action. A movement that has gained unprecedented support and unparalleled wins in Sierra Leone over the last 2 years. As a movement we are clear that there will be no justice for one if there is no justice for all.


Together, we continue to call on the Government Sierra Leone, social institutions, traditional leadership and the international donor community to support:


  • Comprehensive services for survivors of Rape and other forms of sexual violence, available free of charge at the point of contact for every girl and woman. To make this a reality, the Government and donor community must immediately commit resources to immediately scale up the work of Rainbow, Aberdeen Women’s Centre and other relevant service providers. That these critical life saving and life sustaining services continue to be underfunded is an act of vandalism on the lives and bodies of girls and women.


  • Government to significantly increase the financial and other resources including professional training of the Family Support Unit of the Sierra Leone Police, to allow it to proactively and quickly investigate allegations of sexual offences in our communities. In tandem, the government must finally secure a Forensic Testing and Lab facility.


  • A dedicated court with an expedited process to hear rape cases.​ It is simply unacceptable in a practising democracy that women and girls – even once they have made it through our punitive police system – are waiting for up to 5 year, to have cases against their abusers heard. Dedicated, specialist courts for rape and sexual violence related crimes – as piloted to great success in other countries – are needed in at least all of our 15 districts. Legal aid for survivors must be included.


  • In the light of the COVID-19 crisis and shifting development priorities, we call on the Donor community to reaffirm their commitment to women and girls and to ring fence resources proportionate to the scale of the challenge - the emergency - that girls are  facing.


  • Beyond these immediate interventions to support survivors of violence, we must make the commitments needed to transform the culture of sexual violence at its root. A National TaskForce on tackling rape and sexual violence - announced by the President at his United Nations Speech last September to lead the a citizens’s co-created national action plan would be one way forward.  What is clear is that there is no way forward without the women and girls who have been organising around this issue in the community for decades. Their visions for a new kind of world are our only hope.



The Survivors Solidarity Fund is a resource mobilisation platform by and for Sierra Leone. We are raising funds from individuals, businesses and institutions. There are many ways for you to donate. Including:

Online through Paypal or credit card:

In Sierra Leone through mobile money at the following numbers:


079962288 / 088222888

In Sierra Leone through direct bank transfer at the following banks:


Account Number: GTB 201/3141730/113
BBAN: 005201000048674510

Tax deductable donations can be made within the USA here:

Administered by Purposeful